Screenplays by Diane Marquette

I have written several screenplays, which I am currently marketing with producers, directors, agents, actors, and actresses.  Below are the titles with their “loglines” (the plot in one sentence). You can read the synopsis for these screenplays using the menu on the left.

Industry heavyweights such as Oscar-winning actress Marcia Gay Harden (Mystic River), and Chairman and CEO of Phoenix Pictures (The Thin Red Line), Mike Medevoy, have expressed interest in my scripts.  Mike Medevoy is also the co-founder and former executive of Orion Pictures, which produced Sleepless in Seattle.

"Precious Little” - A young father’s death forces his widow and his divorced mother to confront their differences for the sake of the young son with whom the father still communicates.

"In God We Trust” - Desperate to retrieve a stolen twenty-dollar bill on which is written a vital phone number, a young man resorts to drastic measures to apprehend the clever thief and get his precious bill back.

"The Report Card” - The middle-aged daughter of a domineering man may miss her only chance to reconcile with him until a Christmas “visit” with her mother in heaven enlightens and inspires her to finally make peace with her dying father.

"The Ex-Husband” - When a beautiful veterinarian’s fiancé insists on meeting the ex-husband she never had, she asks a handsome police office to portray her ex, but he falls in love with her and sets out to break up her engagement.

"Harry's Place” - After a middle-aged executive’s husband suddenly dies, she re-opens his restaurant and finds romance, friendship, and a new purpose to her life.