Articles by Diane Marquette

Before I began writing books and screenplays, I started on a much smaller scale.

In the past five years I've written more than 150 articles for local and regional publications including the Baltimore Sun, the Star Democrat, Delmarva Quarterly, Shore Living, Talbot Guide, Caroline Review, Delaware Beach Life, and Women's View.

As a freelance writer, I was able to choose the subjects I wrote about - articles on history, local current events, new business profiles or inspirational pieces.  But by far the most positive feedback I've received has been about my humorous stories.  I've included five on them here for you. You can read these articles using the menu on the left.

"Roofing for Jesus" - Read how a morning spent working on a Habitat for Humanity house made me the grateful recipient.

"The Sixty-Five Dollar Butterfly" - It is the little things in life that are most important, but sometimes we have to work so hard to see them.

"Zero Down and Chocolate Chip Cookies" - Selling a beloved fourteen-year-old car can rival death and divorce in the heartbreak category.

"Equipped with Jesus and On-Star" - At no time has it been more evident that I am not in control of my life than during an Interstate breakdown on the way to catch a plane.

"Layers of Life" - At what point do souvenirs and cherished possessions go from being keepsakes to clutter, and what can be done about it?