Too Close For Words

Book #2 in
The Chesapeake Conference Center Mystery Series
by Diane Marquette

Jill McCormick worked as the security guard at the world-renowned Chesapeake Conference Center on Maryland's Eastern Shore during many high-level government meetings, including the Mideast Peace Talks and the historic United Nations conference.  The fact that during her employment there Jill solved a murder and single-handedly apprehended the killer hasn't hurt her reputation in law enforcement either.

Now a deputy with the local sheriff's department, Jill is summoned by the U.S. Secret Service to assist them during the upcoming Chesapeake Economic Summit at the conference center.  The most powerful leaders in the world, including the President of the United States, will be in attendance for this historic week-long meeting, and Jill's knowledge of the center's buildings, routines, and staff will greatly assist the Secret Service and the FBI in protecting the prestigious visitors.  She helps the agents in securing the property, learning many of the techniques the agencies use to foil terrorist attempts to ensure tight security during the meeting.

Just before the Summit begins, Jill uncovers evidence that someone may be plotting to explode a bomb on the premises.  Before she can enlist the help of her lover, sheriff's deputy Mitch Garrett, to help her make sense of what she's found, the evidence disappears.  Mitch insists that Jill tell the Secret Service and FBI about what she had found, but without any suspects or evidence to back up her suspicions, Jill stubbornly delays alerting the authorities until she can produce hard proof.

When the actions of a new conference center employee put Jill on alert, she digs deeper into the man's past, becoming convinced that she has the suspect in her sights.  She pushes him, hoping to expose his deadly scheme.  As the evidence begins to mount, Jill becomes aware that the suspect is not working alone.  Too late, she realizes her mistake, putting herself and the world leaders in deadly danger.

Confronted with impossible odds, Jill must stop the would-be assassin, while preventing him from delivering the bomb to its target, and hopefully saving her own life at the same time.  Mitch begins to piece together the evidence and pursues the suspect, who has abducted Jill.  Within seconds of reaching its destination, the bomb is diverted by Jill, who overpowers her assailant and returns the Chesapeake Conference Center to a state of peaceful potency.