Harry's Place

A Screenplay Romantic Comedy by Diane Marquette

While middle-aged attorney Fran Parker commutes to her fast-track career in the city, her husband enjoys running “Harry’s Place”, a rural diner he inherited from his father.  Fran envies her husband’s slower-paced job and the fact that his life is so enriched by the friends and customers who come to Harry’s Place for food and fellowship.

When Harry suddenly dies, Fran closes the diner, uncertain of her own future or that of Harry’s Place.  But the diner’s employees persuade Fran to re-open the place and let them run it, and in spite of her doubts, they succeed.  Gradually Fran finds herself becoming more involved in Harry’s Place and in the lives of the people who meant so much to her late husband.

Several months after Harry’s death, Fran is attracted to Harry’s best friend, Joe, a handsome charmer who’s never hidden his attraction to Fran.   When Fran realizes how much she enjoys taking over “Harry’s Place”, she must make some serious decisions about her career and her future.