The Ex-Husband

A Screenplay Romantic Comedy by Diane Marquette

When veterinarian April Gordon moved to town, she told people she was divorced.  The truth was that thirty-year-old April was not interested in a relationship because she was too busy starting up her clinic.  She thought being divorced sounded better than being single – at least it meant someone had once loved her.

Eventually April relaxed her rule about not having a social life and became involved with Wesley, an ambitious and self-absorbed attorney.  When Wesley and April become engaged, he insists on meeting her “ex-husband”.  

To avoid being caught in an embarrassing lie, April persuades a handsome police officer, Ben, to pose as her former spouse.  While playing the charade, Ben falls in love with April and resolves to break up her engagement to Wesley.  When all three become involved in an emotionally charged criminal trial, April discovers an unsavory side to her fiancé, while beginning to have feelings for Ben.