The Report Card

A Screenplay Drama by Diane Marquette

Bobbie Connors has endured her father’s controlling personality for fifty-three years.  She honors and loves her father, but there isn’t much to like about him.  He delights in reminding Bobbie of her shortcomings – her failed marriage and her strained relationship with her 28-year-old daughter.  One of Bobbie’s most painful childhood memories is being punished by her father for bringing home a report card that had all “A’s” – except for one “B”.  

Since her mother’s death thirty years earlier, Bobbie has tried to provide care and support for her father.  But their parent/child relationship undergoes a tumultuous reversal when Bobbie requests her father’s license be revoked because of his failing eyesight, numerous accidents, and refusal to stop driving.  

As her father’s declining health necessitates a nursing home and eventually hospitalization, Bobbie continues to endure his condescension.  At the same time, she struggles with a lifetime of frustration and resentment by being reminded by him that she has never lived up to his expectations.  Just before Christmas, Bobbie is debating taking a stand against her father when a deadly traffic accident presents Bobbie with a most blessed Christmas gift – the chance to be with her mother in heaven.  

Through a series of Christmas vignettes from Bobbie’s childhood, her mother explains why her father became the adult he did.  She describes his parents’ devastating divorce and his unhappy childhood, and explains why he had always expected more of Bobbie than she could possibly deliver.   Bobbie realizes she made a mistake in not confronting her father when she had the chance-- even on his deathbed.

Bobbie awakens in her father’s hospital room, her visit to heaven only a vivid yet inspiring dream.  Her mother’s very special Christmas gift has given Bobbie the courage to confront her father and the opportunity for resolution.