In God We Trust

A Screenplay Comedy by Diane Marquette

A recent victim of corporate downsizing, Glen Barnes is thrilled to be suddenly offered the career of his dreams.  The only link to his new job – a long distance phone number -- has been scribbled on the back of a twenty-dollar bill.  Before he can call the number of even copy it down, Glen is robbed of the money.

After the robbery, Glen quickly realizes there is no other way  to contact his future employer without that phone number.  He knows he's been robbed not just of his cash,  but of his golden career opportunity as well, and sets out to steal his precious bill back from the thief.

Glen has only two weeks to track down the robber and retrieve the bill before the opportunity for his new career will be gone forever  -- he knows the job will be given to someone else.  But Danny, the thief, has his own urgent agenda -- providing food and medicine for his sick and destitute mother.

Glen repeatedly returns to the scene of the crime, finally locates and confronts the robber, and stalks him, determined to retrieve his twenty-dollar bill.  But Danny is just as clever, and just as desperate to keep the precious twenty-dollar bill for himself -- especially when he realizes the importance of the phone number written on it.

Glen’s girlfriend, Leslie, advises Glen to forget about the lost opportunity.  She believes if the dream job is meant to be his, it will somehow happen.  Glen has little recourse but to agree with her – that everything happens for a reason, and maybe the best advice of all can be found on the back of Glen’s elusive twenty-dollar bill – “In God We Trust”.