Precious Little

A Screenplay Drama by Diane Marquette

Middle-aged teacher Carolyn Talbot lost her police detective husband, Pete, to divorce and has just buried their only child, thirty-two-year old, Travis.  The only bright spot in Carolyn’s life is Charlie, her five-year old grandson.

Carolyn has never been close to Becca, Travis’ widow, but since his death, Carolyn realizes she will need to establish a better relationship with her daughter-in-law in order to keep Charlie in her life.

Charlie tells his mother and grandmother that his father comes to visit him since he died.   Becca interprets this as just nightmares, but Carolyn’s instincts tell her otherwise.

When Carolyn learns that Becca and Charlie plan to move a thousand miles away, she is devastated.  Everyone close to Carolyn has observed that her relationship with Charlie is extremely intense, but even they would be shocked to know that Carolyn contemplates suicide when faced with the prospect of having to live so far away from her beloved grandson.

Carolyn does not go through with the suicide, but instead considers running away with Charlie and plots how she and Charlie could “disappear”, and live together somewhere else.

Amy, a police officer and Carolyn’s ex-husband’s new wife, suspects Carolyn’s plan of running away with Charlie.  But Carolyn has already reconsidered, realizing it could seriously damage what little relationship she has with Becca.

As proof of his father’s visits, Charlie quotes what Travis said privately to Carolyn on his deathbed.  Hearing Charlie say Travis’ words, “I’ll never be far from your heart”, also makes Carolyn realize that just as she can still love Travis, she and Charlie will always be close, even though separated by miles.  

Becca’s plans to move are abandoned after she learns her parents are divorcing.  Becca decides to remain where she is to be close to her mother.  

When Charlie shares with his mother words that only she and her late husband could know, Becca, like Carolyn, has a different view of “Daddy’s visits”.  The women can’t explain this phenomenon, but understand that Travis, through his son, has brought them closer together.

Carolyn and Becca realize they have more in common than they thought.  They both still love Travis and they both love Charlie, and that forms the basis for a new bond between them.