Suitable For Framing

Book #3 in
The Chesapeake Conference Center Mystery Series
by Diane Marquette

Having once worked as a murder-solving security guard at the prestigious Chesapeake Conference Center, and having saved the life of the President of the United States during a global summit at the center, local Sheriff’s Deputy Jill McCormick figures she’s got the makings of a pretty good resume.

When Maryland’s Governor chooses the secluded site on the Eastern Shore for his annual staff retreat, he contacts his former college roommate, local Sheriff Mitch Garrett.  Because his new wife will be accompanying him on the trip to Mitch’s jurisdiction, and because she’s received recent death threats, the governor wants Mitch to personally take charge of her safety, in addition to the round-the-clock Maryland state police protection afforded the couple.

Mitch can think of no one better suited to the task of personal bodyguard than his deputy and girlfriend, Jill. The governor’s new wife, a former Miss Maryland and chronic royal pain,  may be Jill’s most irritating challenge yet, prompting Jill to consider shooting the woman herself.