Good Fridays

A Novel by Diane Marquette

For thirty years Sara has endured a relationship with Vicki, her manipulative, paranoid and narcissistic mother. After extensive counseling, Sara is now prepared to challenge her mother’s chronic abusive treatment.

The two women are beginning a five-day road trip from Denver to Baltimore to attend the funeral of Emily, an elderly woman with whom Vicki worked many years earlier when she and Sara still lived in Maryland.

Sara had already decided to have the confrontation with her mother during this trip, but now Sara has another reason to challenge her mother’s behavior. Immediately following Emily’s death, Sara received a box from Emily’s attorney. The box contained a three-ring binder filled with hand-written and typed pages. Also enclosed was a note from Emily explaining that her impending death made it imperative she tell Sara the story of her life, warning that it would have a great impact on Sara’s life, too.

Emily’s note also explains to Sara that she kept diaries during her life and because most of the significant events happened on Good Fridays, those are the diary entries Emily has chosen to share with Sara and include in the binder. Sara reads about Emily’s growing up Catholic in Baltimore during the Great Depression, becoming a war widow shortly after marrying her first husband, and then giving birth to their daughter, whom Emily is forced to put up for adoption.

Through her Good Friday diary entries, Emily reveals to Sara a shocking secret. Sara’s mother, Vicki, is the baby girl Emily was forced to abandon, meaning Emily was Sara’s grandmother. The pages in Emily’s binder tell Sara of her long and emotional efforts to find the baby she gave up, and how after finally finding her adult daughter, she is rejected by her.

Vicki lived a life of bitterness and anger because her mother abandoned her and so she felt justified in doing the same thing by turning her back on Emily when she found her daughter. And after Vicki married and gave birth to Sara, she carried her revenge even farther by forbidding Emily to tell anyone, not even Sara,  that she was Vicki’s mother and Sara’s grandmother.

So now while on their road trip Sara is going to confront her mother about her mean and selfish actions of refusing to allow Sara to know she had a grandmother. And now it’s too late because they are going to her funeral.

Good Fridays is the story of how one person’s decision affects so many people.

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