Almost Mine

A Novel by Diane Marquette

“ALMOST MINE” is a story of how an unanswered prayer became a blessing.  It introduces readers to thirty-year-old journalist Helen Pratt, who has just met her future husband, architect Adam Montgomery.  Helen is more concerned that Adam is thirteen years older than the fact that he has a spoiled eighteen-year-old daughter, Missy, living with him.  

Helen attempts to build a relationship with Missy while developing a deeper one with Adam.  After their marriage, Helen and Adam attempt to start a family of their own.  While living at college, Missy becomes pregnant and returns home when her boyfriend abandons her.  After the birth of Missy’s son, Joey, Helen must face her feelings for the baby now living in her home.  

Helen reluctantly assumes her new role as step-grandmother, but surprisingly falls in love with the little boy.  Joey is two years old when his mother dies.  Helen knows then that this was the reason she never conceived a child of her own – Joey was the child she was meant to raise, and she feels in her heart that this little boy is “ALMOST MINE”.